10 Reasons Art Therapy is Great for Teens

Good day to you, in this article we’ll discuss 10 reasons (in my opinion) art therapy is great for teens from all walks of life. As you’ll see, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn art therapy is growing in popularity across America. Enjoy!   Introduction: Why I Love Art Therapy While I’m not technically an… Read More

Adolescent Develop Stronger Self-Identity

Looking for ways to develop a stronger relationship with your adolescent? Struggling to help them deal with and navigate this tumultuous period of their lives? Walk with me a minute, let’s chat about it, and look at some helpful ideas. They’re going through so many changes… all you want is to a) understand and relate… Read More

4 Benefits of Art Therapy

Curious about the benefits of art therapy, but don’t know where to start? Could you or someone you love potentially improve their lives through the practice, but you’re unsure where to turn? In this article we’ll briefly explore four primary ways in which art therapy can boost emotional intelligence. Let’s start at the foundation. What’s… Read More

Stress Coping Skills for Young Adults

In this blog we’ll to talk a bit about 3 skills teens, young adults, and younger parents can use to cope with stress better, and well, get more out of these critical junctures. Because let’s be honest, time really does whiz by quickly and the choices we make during these periods reverberate for the rest… Read More

Online Art Course for Teens

Looking for an educational online art course for teens and young adults dealing with mood and anxiety disorders that can help them manage their thoughts and emotions? Interested in learning how to use basic artistic exercises to increase mindfulness? Better understand your child, as they themselves gain a better understanding of themselves? In this article,… Read More

5 Things to Know About Expressing Emotions Through Colors 1.How can children sit quietly and paint with water colors, crayons or pastels for extended periods of time, even lasting for hours? There are many reasons. Among these are that coloring helps children express their internal world. Through coloring children learn how to be focused on… Read More

5 Things To Know About Emotions What Is Emotion And Why Are Emotions Important? Emotion is a complex feeling state that has different components that are somatic, psychic and behavioral. However, emotions have many contradictory definitions. Emotions can be reaction to trigger or an event. Emotions can be reaction to one’s thoughts and actions. External… Read More

”Process and processing” online video program is available now on http://a-parent-and-child.teachable.com Below You can find the description of the sessions:   A Tree. During the session entitled “A Tree” children will have the opportunity to creatively express themselves in a new way relating to nature. This mindfulness exercise effectively allows children to witness their own… Read More

“Process & Processing” is an educational online video program focusing on emotions and thoughts, and how to better understand both during the art making process. This program is designed for parents and children. There is a link from YouTube that highlights this program, please see this link is below:  … Read More

Art Therapy Mindfulness Teens

In this article we’ll talk a bit about why it’s important adolescents practice mindfulness and self-awareness, and how to build these strengths in their lives. Enjoy!   Introduction As adults, the idea of self-awareness may still be a little abstract, but we understand more about who we are and what propels us because our brains… Read More