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Child and adolescent psychiatrist Yakov Sherk, M.D. offers psychiatric evaluations and treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Since 2012, Dr. Sherk has treated young children as well as adolescents with a variety of psychiatric conditions including mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

A Child and Family Psychiatry LLC was established by Dr. Sherk to provide treatments to Columbus, Ohio and New Albany residents. Dr. Sherk offers psychotherapy for both individuals and groups, assessments and medication management.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Child and Family Psychiatry


About Dr. Yakov Sherk

Dr. Yakov Sherk is a child and adolescent psychiatrist based in Columbus, Ohio. He is the founder of A Child and Family Psychiatry LLC.

Dr. Sherk is a 2011 graduate of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University in Buffalo, New York. Recently, he has received awards from the University of Buffalo for “Outstanding Contribution to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” as well as for his publication Liquid melatonin via gastrostomy as an alternative hypnotic in a child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder published in the Journal Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology.

For more information about Dr. Sherk and his services, please call 718-207-7832




Focusing on emotions and thoughts, and how to better understand both during the art making process.
All the videos of this program relate to how to emotionally and cognitively function in this world.

The videos’ outcomes include:
– Build your positive emotions
– How to use mindfulness and art for harmonious enjoyment
– Build on your confidence levels and increase your self esteem
– Examine meanings through organized thinking
– Learn how to be nonjudgmental
– Allowing kids and parents to express their uniqueness
– Enjoy mindfulness and art as a family emotional bridge activity

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