A Child and Family Psychiatry Services:

Dr. Sherk provides evaluations and treatments to both children and adolescents, and his expertise covers an extensive array of diagnoses. The first step is typically an initial evaluation. In addition to welcoming new patients, Dr. Sherk welcomes the opportunity to meet with parents seeking consultations on potential treatment.

Initial consultations are one hour long, and medication management sessions are 20-30 minutes.

To make an initial appointment with Dr.Sherk please call 718-207-7832.

greentreeMeetings and Consultations with Parents

Being a parent is an amazing responsibility and children depend on many things including guidance, knowledge and love. Have you had tough moments with your children and need help and advice? Have you had doubts about your parenting methods? Do you often feel frustrated or emotional when your child misbehaves? If so, Dr. Sherk can offer you a consultation, which will assist you to build a stronger relationship with your child. You’ll discover new techniques and strategies to cultivate positive behavior. Dr. Sherk can meet either solely with parents or parents accompanied by their children.

Family Therapy

Dr. Sherk welcomes the opportunity to meet with families seeking therapy in a group setting to explore psychological, emotional and relational issues.

Working on Coping Skills

When children learn coping skills in therapy, they become motivated and engaged. These valuable skills help children to express their thoughts and feelings, learn problem solving, improve self-esteem and discover new ways to cope with stress.
Dr. Sherk specializes in teaching coping skills to children and adolescents. This program is also offered for groups because often connecting with other who are handling similar issues greatly helps patients learn the best methods for coping.

bridgeArt and Mindfulness Group Therapy

Dr. Sherk uses a variety of therapies including “art and mindfulness.” He has found that therapy combined with mindfulness can be very effective in being a counterbalance for anxiety, depression and stress. Mindfulness and art allow us to be in the moment, and experience the calm and peace which is so essential.
During this program, children enjoy experiencing a wide variety of creative exercises including problem solving, examining thoughts and emotions, and ultimately discovering themselves. The goal of the program is learning how to become mentally stronger and emotionally balanced by being more mindful, and noticing one’s own feelings without acting on them and distracting others.

Medication Management

Depending on the issues at hand, treatment may either include individual or family therapy, solely treatment through medication, or psychotherapy together with medication. Dr. Sherk has experience working with different medications, which include Lithium, Seroquel, Abilify, Haldol and Clonidine.

For more information about any of our services described above, please contact us at 718-207-7832